Inayah - What are We

May 25, 2021 - 2068 views
Best Thing
Song by Inayah

Inayah has a knack for telling down-to-earth, round-the-way stories about love and making songs that emotionally resonate with R&B lovers. While we had a big laugh at her song, “Sugar Daddy,” we couldn’t deny she was telling the truth. Now the singer, songwriter and new mommy continues to give us what we need with her latest single, “What Are We?”

On “What Are We?” Inayah is asking the important questions about her relationship – or lack thereof – with the man who she’s been spending quality time with. Are they just sleeping together? Are they just glorified friends with benefits? Are they going to build a future together? Whatever the case may be, Inayah is unphased; she just wants to keep it 100. Sultry production courtesy of Harmony Samuels underscores her lyrics and vocals with a melodic combination of percussion, bass and flute.